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About the Studio:

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MoonDance Massage Therapy is owned and operated by Tamera May, CMT. It is located in a gentle and quiet atmosphere—a perfect environment in which to relax and de-stress. At the MoonDance studio you can relax and let go — which is an essential part of healing. It is a place where you can “meet your soul” and heal on whatever level is needed. There is no judgment, just love and compassion

About Tamera May, CMT:

Tamera May, CMT, began her massage therapy and healing practice in the year 2000, and is a practicing member of ABMP. Tamera is also a energy healing practitioner, aroma therapist, a certified Solfeggio Tuning Fork practitioner, and practices other forms of energy balancing. She continues to study and apply other vibrational healing techniques, such as color therapy, crystal therapy, sound therapy, and the Raindrop Technique. In her use of aromatherapy, she uses only high grade therapeutic oil from Young Living Oils and color therapy oils and flower essences from Aura-Soma.

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Tamera works in harmony, using various techniques and modalities to relax your body at its deepest level—energizing and balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. Benefits from many of these therapies often include more energy, a sense of purpose, confidence and a certain ‘lightness’—which means you are in alignment with your natural order of being. In her words:

“I believe that we are all on a spiritual journey, jumping hurdles, meeting challenges, blending the potentialities of our childhood with powerful life forces that continually inundate us. In my work, I strive to restore inner harmony cultivating the sense of well being as we ascend our DIVINE path. Health is a sacred gift. Cherish it and it will take care of you.”

After ten years of spiritual studies and walking a spiritual path, Tamera has been given her spiritual name by the Chief of Staff at the 3HO organization (originated by the late Yogi Bhajan):  I have been blessed to live as Anandjot Kaur, which means the Princess/Lioness who is filled with God’s light and bliss, and who walks with grace and power throughout her life.  signature

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